The "sushc" executable can either be set up such that either any user can be the "target" user, or only one user can be. For the former then it needs to be owned by "root", otherwise by the specified user.

Creating the "sushc" executeable involves:

  1. Copying the "sushc.c" program to a directory
  2. Compiling it by the command:
    cc sushc.c -Wall -osushc
  3. Setting the "setuid" and "setgid" by entering the command
    chmod ug+s sushc
  4. Setting the ownership to "root" or to a specific "target" user:
    chown root:root sushc
    (or - non-root example)
    chown oracle:dba sushc
  5. Copying the binary to the appropriate directory:
    cp sushc /usr/bin
    (or - non-root example)
    cp sushc /home/oracle/bin